About Us

What is Wikifactory?

Wikifactory is the place where great ideas become even better products. We’ve embedded an agile hardware product development Workspace within a very different type of social platform. One dedicated to productivity.

We’re over 90,000 members from 190 countries, and we’re growing fast. Our Community of product designers, engineers and enterprises comes together to design, prototype and manufacture hardware products in more agile ways. At Wikifactory we make the tools to do this, and we make them available to everyone.

Hardware Product Development

Get your team on the internet.

Our cloud-based, product development Workspace enables collaboration with control in a single agile environment. Available to anyone, accessible anywhere.

Or get the internet on your team.

Join our Community, the world’s largest product design team, to explore new ideas, find or share expertise and showcase your innovation with the world.

Why we’re doing it.

Our vision is to create an Internet of Production – bringing networked capability to digital product development and fabrication.

Just like the internet allows everyone to participate in the production and dissemination of ideas, a distributed infrastructure for physical products would mean anyone could participate in the design and production of physical things. Disrupting not just one industry, but industry itself.

By removing the barriers to participation, innovation and opportunity in product design and manufacturing, we want to help great ideas have a better chance and a bigger positive impact on our world. Almost half of the projects on Wikifactory are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. And we’re proud to say that this the fastest growing project cluster on the platform.

By changing how things are made, we can make things change.

Join over 90.000 designers
and engineers from all
around the world.